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Our Courses

GRA courses take a tailored approach and are designed to meet your individual needs and requirements. Unlike most of the larger Further Educational colleges offering similar courses as regards content, we are small enough not to intimidate those who dislike large impersonal institutions but big enough to have the resources and expertise to deliver efficient, flexible and fun learning with nationally recognised qualifications at the end of it.

GRA have demonstrable expertise in delivering functional skills to learners as the foundation for progression to further learning and/or enhanced and sustained employment opportunities. Those learners with limited English or mathematics skills face significant challenges in entering the labour market and are far more likely to be in low paid occupations with poor job security and prospects. GRA have developed a model of functional skill development which is accessible, inclusive and is an exemplar of success in improving the life chances of disadvantaged and ‘seldom heard’ communities.


GRA supports learning and widens opportunity in the community by recognising achievement by delivering nationally recognised courses with full qualification outcomes whilst promoting high standards of excellence and inclusiveness. Our Vision is to be at the forefront as a comprehensive community based and locally recognised training provider that is recognised for promoting social inclusion, wider participation and community transformation. We thrive to continually provide responsive, innovative learning solutions and qualifications for disadvantaged groups to meet the needs of learners ongoing. We value the work of the wide spectrum of other partners enabling learners to achieve their potential, progress to employment and develop the confidence to contribute to society. GRA internal feedback survey (17/18) notes that 100% of learners who completed the survey agreed with the following statement:

‘As a result of the course I feel I will be better placed to improve my employment opportunities / prospects’

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For the last eight years we have concentrated on the development of the delivery of adult education focussing on Functional Skills in English and Maths. During that period, we have had in excess of 4000 learners learning or improving their English skills focusing on their reading, writing, speaking, listening together with driving up our learners’ skills in mathematics, essentially ensuing our learners are fully equipped for the work place. At GRA we pride ourselves on our retention /pass rates which at over 85% significantly exceed National and local averages. GRA has approved NOCN (National Open College Network) status (Centre no: ea56273) Courses are offered in a variety of levels from entry level right through to level 2.

Our commitment to you:

All learners will be assessed prior to course commencing including goals, qualifications, skills, experience and their individual progression options including employment and/or further training. The individual learning needs of each learner will be identified and reviewed throughout the course.
We will provide learners with teachers and support staff who have the skills, commitment experience and qualifications to support them and help them achieve their goals.
In addition to providing our learners with the highest quality learning experience we also provide learners with appropriate equipment, facilities and resources including new technologies within each of our delivery centres.
Learners will be offered help and advice both when they join and as they progress through the course.
GRA is strongly committed to diversity, inclusion and equality of opportunity.