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Skills for Employment,
Life and Opportunity

GRA courses take a tailored approach and are designed to meet your individual needs and requirements. Unlike most of the larger Further Educational colleges offering similar courses as regards content, we are small enough not to intimidate those who dislike large impersonal institutions but big enough to have the resources and expertise to deliver efficient, flexible and fun learning with nationally recognised qualifications at the end of it.

GRA have demonstrable expertise in delivering functional skills to learners as the foundation for progression to further learning and/or enhanced and sustained employment opportunities. Those learners with limited English or mathematics skills face significant challenges in entering the labour market and are far more likely to be in low paid occupations with poor job security and prospects. GRA have developed a model of functional skill development which is accessible, inclusive and is an exemplar of success in improving the life chances of disadvantaged and ‘seldom heard’ communities.

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Functional Skills

Functional Skills are practical skills in English, Maths and ICT for all learners aged 14 and above. Functional Skills provide...

Information Advice and Guidance

All learners undertake informal initial advice and guidance (IAG) with GRA’s dedicated IAG team at GRA’s Learning Hub situated in...

Equal Opportunities

Equal Opportunities Policy Statement GRA promote diversity, inclusivity, harmony and respect for differences * GRA is committed to upholding and...

GRA’s Mission, Vision and Values

GRA’s Mission, Vision and Values Statement Our Mission “GRA supports learning and widens opportunity in the community by recognising achievement...

Skills for Employment, Life and Opportunity

Why improve your understanding of English and maths? These days of word processors with their built-in grammar, spell-checkers and calculators,...